Best Pressure Washer Reviews – Top Selling Pressure Washer

pressure washer Pressure washer offers the PSI to whip away the dirt and grime at higher velocities unlike the average garden sprayers and hoses. The pressure washer cleans, and removes both grime and dirt. This makes it valuable for cleanup projects and services in both residential and commercial places. It comes with great design a feature that enables the pressure washer to provide not less than 4,000 PSI that enhances removal of chipped paint and dirt stuck on walls. The pressure washer offers the user valuable choices between the portable gas-powered, and wall-mount, and the electric pressure washers options that include the option of steam cleaning.

The pressure washer makes good use of an electric motor, or a gas engine, or electric pump and the concentrating nozzles in order to boost up water pressure from the source as much as 60 times. That enables the pressure washer to blast away the driveway stains, and the deck mildew together with other grunge that an average hose cannot touch when cleaning surfaces and siding. This makes it easy than cleaning with bare hands with other average tools. Thus, the pressure washer will solve your cleaning problems regardless of where you are!

One of the most important aspects of the pressure washer to the consumers is that it is cheap to buy one. This makes it pocket friendly for numerous clients regardless of whether it is a gas or electric washers. Besides that, it is much cheaper to own one rather than renting one per day since renting is very expensive in the long run. The pressure washer is easy to use and simple to maintain. The pressure washer tank saves the user all the hassle of using different containers because of the availability of a soap tank. The tools and cords storage feature offer a plus for the pressure washer. Thus, get a pressure washer and solve all your washing mysteries.

1. AR383 Electric Pressure Washer  
AR Blue Clean AR383 Pressure Washer
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The Pressure Washer is an excellent product to remove any unwanted matter which covers the surfaces of vehicles, homes, buildings, RVs cars, trucks, boats and decks etc.. and it performs efficient work. Both male and female can handle this easily.

The product has been designed to provide an optimum safety for the user as the machine will automatically stop when the user handle it improperly and will start when needed.

User could use different detergents which are appropriate to the stains or paints cover the surfaces of the body. The machines has been produced for the maximum convenience of the user. As the machine is mounted on a two wheel trolley, it can be moved very conveniently to a place where the user needs.

User can save the time and the money as it performs efficient work. Paints, stains and dirt would disappear within very short time as the machine provides power worth around 1,900 PSI and 1.5 GPM. Pressure could be adjusted as suitable to the hardness of the covering material of the body surface.

This product assures for an elegant and convenient work because it doesn’t need to be moved to place to place frequently as it consists of 20 ft pressure hose and 30 ft power cord and there it can be placed at any where 30 ft far from the power plug point.

Pressure Washer machines come with handy looking features which amuses the user when it is working efficiently. The special pressure pump makes it more efficient and as the machine consists of adjustable nozzle, it would provide to clean different areas and different dirt, stains or paints using appropriate nozzle range and that would perform most efficient work The machine ensures long lasting service and always user could execute desired task within the required period of time and with a surprise.

2.Simpson Gas Pressure Washer  
Engine Gas Pressure Washer
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If you want to keep your home sparkling clean or prepare surfaces for do it yourself projects such as painting and resurfacing then the Megashot series of pressure washers from Simpson Cleaning have got you covered.Powered by a Honda OHC engine this premium residential pressure washer is ideal for both large and small surfaces and the Megashot technology makes quick work of even the most stubborn dirt or when used for preparing surfaces.

This easily transportable unit is light on gas and light on the pocket as well. As an added attraction it is more than powerful enough to be used for light workshop duty where the easy start engine makes the pressure washer a pleasure to use. The powerful engine means that even a single user can complete tasks with a minimum of fuss and bother and the patent pending PowerBoost technology means that this already powerful washer can provide added power when it’s needed most due to exceptional nozzle pressure. Years old grime such as oil stains on the workshop floor are gone in seconds and your driveway stains are no match for the Megashot pressure washer. In fact the five interchangeable nozzles mean that you’ll never need to buy another washer again – this one has everything that you need to get the job done.

The components used in the Simpson products are of the highest quality and it shows in the finishes of the unit. This is a pressure washer that will provide years of reliable service and at the price point that means that consumers get exceptional value. Consumers will be glad to know that each Simpson pressure washer is tested under real world conditions on the factory floor – this means that when you take delivery of the high quality washing product you know thatit’s going to work right first time.

3. Generac Gas Powered Residential Pressure Washer  
Gas Powered Residential Pressure Washer
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The new Generac 6596 washing machine is all you need. The machine is gas powered saving fuel costs and keeping the environment green. The Generac company is well known worldwide for its quality engines. The new model comes with a powerful Generac OHV engine that is of 199cc_ It offers a reliable and maximum performance to your cleaning needs. The Generac machine has an integrated gallon tank for cleaning detergent storage. The spray handle has an easy to use grip handle thus reducing fatigue and enabling extended use. Due to different customer needs the machine has four nozzle tips that are easy to change. These nozzles serve O degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees and the last one for spraying soap.

You don’t need to purchase a horse pipe since the Generac pressure machine is accompanied by a 25-inch horse pipe that is connected to the spray gun. Generac, the manufacturing company of the pressure washing machine, has been in existence since 1959. It is well known and has gained a reputation for the production of quality engines. The washing machine is no exception and comes with a 2-year warranty. Quality is guaranteed since it has been tried and tested by the quality department and various quality assurance bodies. The frame is durable and easy to maneuver. Heat dissipation is enhanced to ensure extended life of themachine through high performance axial. The trigger is easy hence reduced fatigue. The clients have been spared the agony of kneeling down to connect the horse pipe since the designer ensured the pump is above the ground. The pressure washer is being offered at a customer friendly price with credit facilities being offered. If you need a washing machine the new Generac pressure washer machine is the best.

4. Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer  
GPM Electric Pressure Washer
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The new Sun Joe SPX 100 electric pressure washer is designed to produce high level of pressure of almost up to 30000 Pascal that will enable you to remove dirt and paints from high surfaces of buildings. With this high pressure, the user is always sure of making cleaning job be easy and fun.


With a tight and flexible nozzle, the pressure washer is able to create water jets that may be triangular plane or even emitting water that flow in a spiral manner rapidly in a cone pattern. The new Sun Joe pressure washer is integrated with a powerful motor of 1400 watt therefore making the pressure washer to deliver a cleaning power of 1450 PSI thus making it to be used even in building construction.


The new pressure washer is electrically operated meaning that the operator can easily switch it on or off and result in cleaning of objects to be achieved within a shorter time resulting in customer satisfaction about this product. The electric power washer is the best to use in indoors applications since it produces no exhaust like other pressure washers using propane or gas and is also produces less noise when being used.The pressure washer highly effective as it allows the flow of water up to a maximum rate of 1.456 pm. With the presence of adjustable nozzle, the user can always change the pressure of water at any time so as to make the cleaning process be enjoyable and full of fun. By purchasing the new Sun Jose water pressure from the consumer saves approximately 13 % of money used in buying the same product from other places.

5. Campbell Hausfeld Electric Pressure Washer  
PW182501AV Electric Pressure Washer
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Campell Hausfeld PWI 82501 Electric Power washer is the most effective small cleaning machine, its light and ideal for cleaning cars, boat, furniture, lawn equipment and many other surfaces. It has 1900 PSI and 1.65GPM which gives it enough to power to splash hard making them super clean and shinny, its also quiet and odorless, and have no emissions, which is great for our health as we do not inhale any contaminated air. It has great features like start and stop which makes the pump shut off automatically when it is not working making the pump to last long. Its also has detergent bottle big enough, used to add detergent for more deeper cleaning.

Campell Hausfeld PWI 82501 Electric Power washer is also easy to connect, it has connection points are tight enough to prevent leaking, and it is very ideal for doing tough jobs like cleanings cars, boats, furniture carpets and many more, and it also cleans very fast and uses less water than a standard garden hose, saving more time and higher water bills. The pressure washer is also easy to assemble, with clear instructions indicated and easy to understand, and it also delivers the pressure necessary for easy washing of all the needed places as per your needs.

Campell Hausfeld PWI 82501 Electric Power washer has on-site storage, which helps to prevent accessories from getting misplaced or getting lost. It also weigh less and very portable making is easy to carry around to where you need it and also positioned easily as per you requirement. The power washer is also small making it convenient to store and fit small space. The pressure washer also has a nozzle that is easy to adjust making it easy to wash light soiled items.

You would not experience how great Campell Hausfeld PWI 82501 Electric Power washer is unless you buy it and exprerince yourself.

6. Generac Gas Powered Residential Pressure Washer  
Gas Powered Residential Pressure Washer
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With its bold, rugged looks and incredible versatility, the Generac 6602 OneWash 4-ln-l pressure washer is the perfect power washing machine for the professional workshop or home garage. Featuring a powerful 12cc OHV engine, innovative PowerDial variable pressure control, 3 different cleaning nozzles and an on-board 0.75 gallon detergent tank, the Generac 6602 OneWash is capable of handling the toughest cleaning jobs you can throw at it, and then some.


The heart of the Generac 6602 OneWash is its brawny 212cc OHV Engine, which drives a whopping 3100-PSI resulting in a powerful stream of 28-GPM that can handle surfaces as tough as concrete and as delicate as your car’s new coat of paint. All of this power is routed through a 30-foot PVC hose, capped at the end with an ergonomically-designed spray gun with cushion grip.


At its core, the Generac 6602 OneWash offers incredible ease-of-use with its simple control panel. All thecontrols are mounted at the top and front of the machine, allowing you to easily switch back-and-forth between four different cleaning settings. The Generac 6602 OneWash then automatically adjusts the pressure and water stream, so you don’t have to deal with manual adjustments and can instead focus on the task at hand. With three Quick-Change nozzle tips, including O degree, 25 degree, and soap, every cleaning job becomes a walk in the park.


For added convenience, the Generac 6602 OneWash also comes with rugged 11 -inch never-flat wheels, letting you take it into the most unforgiving terrain. With a removable 0.75 gallon detergent tank, this pressure washer becomes the ultimate in power washing machines. Take it up to the cottage, the marina, or the race track – this thing will clean everything.


The Generac 6602 OneWash is a jack-of-all-trades, and masters all of them. Whether you need to clean aluminum siding, masonry brick, your patio, or your driveway, this machine offers ample power and versatility to tackle it all.

7. Karcher Electric Pressure Washer  
Electric Pressure Washer, Yellow
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The Karcher K 2.300 1600 PSI 1. 25GPM Electric pressure washer is here for you. It has a large on and off switch and smooth wheels to run around.

It removes all the dirt mechanically since it creates a high pressured stream of water that bombards the dirty surfaces using kinetic energy. The power washer creates a positive flow of water and creates pressure by barring the flow at the nozzle.

Suppose the surfaces to be cleaned have substances that have chemically bonded to dirt the surface, it is always advisable to add detergents that act as emulsifiers to aid fast and efficient cleaning. The Karcher Pressure pump makes all this easy be being able to swiftly switch from detergents to high pressure spray because it is fitted with the Vario power wand.

Before making the decision on the right pressure washer to use, it is important to determine the performance required to complete the job. The K 2.300 pressure washer is impeccably designed for small occasional cleaning around the house. It has a motor stop function and an injector. The former is used to switch the motor off and the latter to apply the cleaning agent while at low pressure. The Karcher pressure washer offers you the perfect choice since it consumes up to eighty percent less water in comparison to other pressure washers and delivers up to 30 times the pressure. The Karcher K 2.300 pressure washer is compact yet flexible and robust and that makes it highly mobile and easy to transport. It is fully sandwiched in a non-breakable plastic that safeguards it against dirt and physical damage. Additionally, the Karcher K 2.300 pressure pump has a warranty.

8. AR Blue Electric Pressure Washer  
Hand Carry Electric Pressure Washer
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The AR Blue Clean ARI 18 pressure washer is the one for you if you are in the market for a pressure washer.

Super High Pressure.

Simply because this pressure washer is made for home use doesn’t mean you underestimate its pressure power. Thanks to a 3 axial piston pump with a wobble plate, the washer can output up to 1500 PSI (Pound of force per square inch). That’s almost commercial grade pressure.

Adjustable Spray Head

Its manufactures know that some areas do not require full force pressure to clean. In line with that, they made the AR118’s pump head adjustable. You can adjust the pressure power to your desire depending on the cleaning demands. 

Ease of Portability.

The AR Blue Clean ARI 18 maintains its power without compromising portability.It has a relatively light weight that facilitates its ease of carriage around the cleaning areas.

Long Power Cord

What good is a washer that cannot access the darkest, dirt hiding areas? The AR pressure washer can stretch to the furthest corners and crevices with the help of a whooping 30 foot long power cord. Now you can go up close to your cleaning surfaces without cord limitations.

storage Compartment.

With such a long power cord, it might be a pain to get a suitable place to keep it out of the way. No need to worry, the ARI 18 pressure washer comes with a convenient cord storage section. In fact, there are two separate compartments storage areas; one for the power cable and the other for the water pipe.


For a pressure washer that comes in at less than $100 dollars, the ARI 18 offer huge value for its price. It’s powerful yet portable. It also packs neat conveniences like storage compartment and adjustable pressure power. These and more make it easy to highly recommend the AR Blue Clean ARI 18 pressure washer.

9. Simpson Gas Pressure Washer  
Engine Gas Pressure Washer
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Simpson pressure washer is a powerful machine which is very compact easing its transportation. Equipped with a powerful engine made of quality components boosting its performance even in unsuitable environments. These Honda engines come with plunger pumps from AAA industry that have power boost nozzle enhanced with high pressure providing superior cleaning services.



This product meets my expectation. It’s made of steeled frame and engine plate that gives it a long lasting life time. It is best suitable for commercial purposes and does not suffer from a breakdown so easily. The pressure lasted long enough as I expected.

Ease of access

I purchased my pressure washer online and it took me less than three days to have it.

It’s relatively cheap

Pressure washer comes at affordable prices that can be met by people from different social classes. The different models enables it to meet clients demand whether personal or commercial services.


It’s easy to fuel and work best with great performance on greased and heavily soiled equipment. I didn’t require professional knowledge to use the machine.


This product is dependable since it doesn’t breakdown frequently compared to the ordinary one which I had purchased earlier.

Saves time

My pressure washer is so effective such that I spend lesser time cleaning compared to the car wash I used to go. It takes less than one hour to do my cleaning.


I bought the product on May, 19, 2015 but broke down after three months. I had to take it for replacement,but it took long for the company to deliver the spare parts.

The above are just but a few reasons as to why you should use pressure washer for your cleaning services. It works perfectly.

10. Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer  
2030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric Pressure Washer
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The typical household is normally in the possession of numerous items, gadgets, equipment, surfaces and artifacts that are made of diverse kinds of materials. Such items include: houses, decks, patios, driveways, lawn equipment, boats, trucks, cars, buildings, landscaping structures, and indeed, more besides.
Notwithstanding the diversity of the materials that are used to manufacture them, all these items and equipment inevitably have to be cleaned from time to time to ensure that they are kept in the very best possible conditions at all times and also to prevent to the proliferation and eventual spread of diseases and other hygiene-related infections.
In order to see to it that the tasks of cleaning surfaces of all types are carried out in a cost-effective, efficient, and thorough manner, there is need for a cleaning equipment that is versatile, portable, and compact enough to deliver the very highest of quality of cleaning services. The Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer is designed to accomplish just that.


It is equipped with elegant and state-of-the-art features such as TSS (total stop system) trigger, garden hose adaptor, 35 feet power cord, 20 feet high pressure hose, 1800-Watt and 14.5-amp motor, 34-inch extension spray wand, five quick spray nozzles, dual detergent tank system, 9-liters on-board removable detergent tanks, detergent selection dial, and two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

All these critical features combine to enable the users of the equipment generate maximum cleaning power which is necessary and proper for getting rid of all tar, heavy mildew stains, rust, oil stains, grime, gunk grease, and other stubborn stains from all types of surfaces be they concrete, steel, or lawns. What’s more? Its maneuverable hose ensures that all remote locations of cleaning surfaces that are ordinarily hard to reach by common cleaning equipment such as room corners, two story buildings, automobile undersides, and lawn equipment are easily reached and dealt with thoroughly.


How To Choose The Best Pressure Washer


Pressure washers are high-pressure mechanical sprayers that are used to get rid of grime, mold, loose paint, dirt and mud from all types of surfaces including but not limited to concrete, buildings, vehicles, carpets, and tarmac.
Considering the fact that they play a pivotal role insofar as the overall hygiene of the home, neighborhood and municipality are concerned, their acquisition is a matter that cannot be taken for granted The objective of the proceeding discourse shall endeavor to explore and explain in details how to choose the best pressure washer by identifying the main factors that prospective users ought to put into consideration while so doing.

Intended Use

This cleaning equipment is suited for a variety of surfaces such as tarmac, carpets, concrete, and metal as has already been alluded to. It is therefore incumbent upon the prospective user to ascertain the specific tasks which the equipment is intended to accomplish first before embarking on the task of identifying the most suitable one.

Water Cleaning Temperatures

This refers to the degree of hotness or coldness of the water which the respective pressure washer may conveniently utilize in getting rid of dirt and other debris from surfaces. This cleaning equipment can generally utilize both cold and hot water. Hot water pressure washers are faster and more thorough than their cold water counterparts. They are however more expensive and complicated to operate.

Source of Power

It is the source of the energy which is used to power the equipment. The pressure washer may be supplied by two main sources of power namely: gas and electricity. Gas-powered pressure washers are generally portable, light, compact and more suitable for outdoor cleaning tasks. Electric-powered pressure washers on the other hand are quieter, bulkier, more expensive, and more suitable for indoor cleaning. A third type, called the multi-duty pressure washer, combines the two sources of power and allows the users to easily switch to and from either sources of power for more convenient washing.

Water Flow Rate

It is the rate of the discharge of water by the pressure washer per unit time. It is measured in GPM which stands for “gallons per minute”. As a general rule, the higher the rate of water flow of the pressure washer the faster it will carry out the cleaning tasks, and vice versa.

Pressure Rating

It is a measure of the maximum amount of force that is dischargeable by the pressure washer. It is expressed in pounds per square inch (PSI) unit. Generally speaking, the higher the pressure rating, the greater the cleaning power of the pressure washer as well as the more the surfaces that the equipment may wash.
There are four main types of pressure washers under this consideration. These are: light duty which generates between 1,500 to 1,900 pounds per square inch of pressure and is ideal for cleaning light surfaces such as furniture, patio, cars, and sidewalks; medium duty which generates between 2,000 to 2,800 pounds per square inch of pressure and is suitable for cleaning garage floors, driveways, decks, and fences; heavy duty which generates 2,900 to 3,200 pounds per square inch of pressure and is suitable for stain removal and cleaning of large areas; and the extra heavy duty which generates 3,300 pounds per square inch of pressure and above and is mainly used to prepare surfaces for painting.

Engine Power

It is the amount of power that the engine of the pressure washer may generate and is measured in Horsepower unit. Higher engine power means higher pressure (PSI) and flow of water (GPM), which also means more thorough work done.


It is the range of tasks to which the pressure washer may be put into use. It is determined by the number of possible accessories that the respective pressure washer may accommodate such as brushes, extension wands, spray tips, angled wands, surface cleaners, pressure washer chemicals, and indeed, more besides! The higher the number of accessories that the pressure washer can accommodate, the more versatile it is, and vice versa.


The task of identifying the best pressure washer is very meticulous as is deducible from the forgoing discussions. In order to acquire the very best pressure washer, it may be necessary to enlist the assistance of a professional cleaner especially in the case where the prospective user has no knowledge of matters to do with pressure washers at all.